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Research Initiative   Riemann Center for Geometry and Physics   since April 2012
Saalburg Summer School   Foundations and new methods of theoretical physics   since 1995
COST action MP1405   Quantum Structure of Spacetime [QSPACE]   since Nov 2014
Cluster of Excellence EXC 201   QUEST   2007--2014   [ team | strings | video 1 | video 2 ]
Research Training Group RTG 1463   Analysis, Geometry and String Theory   since Oct 2008
Research Training Group RTG 1620   Models of Gravity   since Apr 2012
Strings in the German media August 1999
Master Students:
Maximillian Bensch
PhD Students:
Gleb Zhilin
Jakob Geipel
Marcus Sperling
Dr. Guido Franchetti (RTG 1463)
Dr. Rafael Maldonado
Dr. Francisco Correa (Humboldt Fellow)
Dr. Andreas Deser
Senior Researchers:
Dr. Alexander Popov
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Marco Zagermann (with own group)
Group Leader:
Prof. Dr. Olaf Lechtenfeld    [ vita | publications | running | triathlon ]
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