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The focus of my work is the construction of integrable models in one space dimension and their analysis to study correlation effects in quantum many-body systems (and in related classical two-dimensional lattice models) in the context of (mathematically) exact solutions. This allows for the computation of observables in systems of arbitrary size thereby providing valuable insights into their dependence on coupling constants or external fields as well as the signatures of impurities in otherwise perfect systems.

Fields of Interest

  • Quantum spin chains and non-Abelian anyons:
    integrable boundary conditions, finite size spectrum, critical properties, persistent currents
  • Supersymmetric vertex models:
    quantum symmetries, critical properties, low energy effective theories
  • Quantum impurities:
    Kondo and Anderson models, thermodynamic properties, quantum phase transitions
  • Strongly correlated electron systems:
    Hubbard-, t–J-models and generalizations