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ITP-UH-19/15 [abstract]

Olaf Lechtenfeld
On asteroid engineering
(GJSFR Volume 16 Issue 2 Year 2016, pp. 1-12)

ITP-UH-18/15 [abstract]

Andreas Deser
Star products on graded manifolds and α'-corrections to double field theory
(Proceedings of XXXIV Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics, Bialowieza)

ITP-UH-17/15 [abstract]

Olaf Lechtenfeld and Suresh Nampuri
A Calogero formulation for four-dimensional black-hole microstates
(Phys. Lett. B 753 (2016) 263-267)

ITP-UH-16/15 [abstract]

Athanasios Chatzistavrakidis, Andreas Deser and Larisa Jonke
T-duality without isometry via extended gauge symmetries of 2D sigma models
(JHEP 1601 (2016) 154)

ITP-UH-15/15 [abstract]

Olaf Lechtenfeld and Alexander D. Popov
Supermembrane limit of Yang-Mills theory
(J. Math. Phys. 57 (2016) 023520)

ITP-UH-14/15 [abstract]

Francisco Correa and Olaf Lechtenfeld
The tetrahexahedric angular Calogero model
(JHEP 1510 (2015) 191)

ITP-UH-13/15 [abstract]

Jan Louis, Hagen Triendl and Marco Zagermann
N=4 supersymmetric AdS_5 vacua and their moduli spaces
(JHEP 1510 (2015) 083)

ITP-UH-12/15 [abstract]

Alexander D. Popov
Green-Schwarz superstring as subsector of Yang-Mills theory

ITP-UH-11/15 [abstract]

Olaf Lechtenfeld, Alexander D. Popov, Marcus Sperling and Richard J. Szabo
Sasakian quiver gauge theories and instantons on cones over lens 5-spaces
(Nucl. Phys. B 899 (2015) 848-902)

ITP-UH-10/15 [abstract]

Francisco Correa, Vit Jakubsky and Mikhail S. Plyushchay
PT-symmetric invisible defects and confluent Darboux-Crum transformations
(Phys. Rev. A 92 (2015) 2, 023839)

ITP-UH-09/15 [abstract]

Alexander D. Popov
String theories as the adiabatic limit of Yang-Mills theory
(Phys. Rev. D 92 (2015) 045003)

ITP-UH-08/15 [abstract]

Alexander D. Popov
Loop groups in Yang-Mills theory
(Phys. Lett. B 748 (2015) 439)

ITP-UH-07/15 [abstract]

Athanasios Chatzistavrakidis, Larisa Jonke and Olaf Lechtenfeld
Sigma models for genuinely non-geometric backgrounds
(JHEP 1511 (2015) 182)

ITP-UH-06/15 [abstract]

Olaf Lechtenfeld and Alexander D. Popov
Yang-Mills moduli space in the adiabatic limit
(J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 48 (2015) 425401)

ITP-UH-05/15 [abstract]

Marcus Sperling
Instantons on Calabi-Yau cones
(Nucl. Phys. B 901 (2015) 354-381)

ITP-UH-04/15 [abstract]

André Coimbra and Charles Strickland-Constable
Generalised Structures for AdS Backgrounds

ITP-UH-03/15 [abstract]

Fabio Apruzzi, Marco Fazzi, Achilleas Passias and Alessandro Tomasiello
Supersymmetric AdS5 solutions of massive IIA supergravity
(JHEP 1506 (2015) 195)

ITP-UH-02/15 [abstract]

Fabio Apruzzi, Marco Fazzi, Achilleas Passias, Andrea Rota and Alessandro Tomasiello
Holographic compactifications of (1,0) theories from massive IIA supergravity
(Phys. Rev. Lett. 115 (2015) 6, 061601)

ITP-UH-01/15 [abstract]

Eloy Ayón-Beato, Moisés Bravo-Gaete, Francisco Correa, Mokhtar Hassaïne, María Montserrat Juárez-Aubry and Julio Oliva
First law and anisotropic Cardy formula for three-dimensional Lifshitz black holes
(Phys. Rev. D 91 (2015) 6, 064006)