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ITP-UH-55/00 [ abstract ]

P. Öhberg and Luis Santos:
Dark solitons in a two-component Bose-Einstein condensate


Hubert Temmen, Harald Pleiner, Mario Liu, and Helmut Brand:
Temmen et al. reply
(Phys. Rev. Lett. 86 (2001) 745)


Stefan Odenbach and Mario Liu:
Invalidation of the Kelvin force in ferrofluids
(Phys. Rev. Lett 86 (2001) 328)

ITP-UH-52/00 [ abstract ]

Jiang Yimin and Mario Liu:
Rotating superconductors and the London moment:
thermodynamics versus microscopics

(Phys. Rev. B63 (2001) 184506)


Harald Pleiner, Mario Liu, and Helmut Brand:
The structure of convective non-linearities in polymer rheology
(Rheol. Acta. 39 (2000) 560)


Hubert Temmen, Harald Pleiner, Mario Liu, and Helmut Brand:
Convective nonlinearity in non-Newtonian liquids
(Phys. Rev. Lett. 84 (2000) 3228)


Mario Liu:
The range of validity for the Kelvin force
(Phys. Rev. Lett. 84 (2000) 2762)

ITP-UH-48/00 [ abstract ]

M. Flohr:
Null vectors in logarithmic conformal field theory
(JHEP Proc. Sect. PoS(tmr2000)044)

ITP-UH-47/00 [ abstract ]

J. Schliemann, J. I. Cirac, M. Kus, M. Lewenstein, D. Loss:
Quantum correlations in two-fermion systems
(submitted to Phys. Rev. A)

ITP-UH-46/00 [ abstract ]

F. Floegel, L. Santos, M. Lewenstein:
Loading of a Bose-Einstein condensate in the boson-accumulation regime

ITP-UH-45/00 [ abstract ]

S. Karnas, M. Lewenstein:
Separable approximations of density matrices of composite quantum systems
(submitted to special issue of J. Phys. A)

ITP-UH-44/00 [ abstract ]

L.D. Carr, J. Brand, S. Burger, A. Sanpera:
Dark soliton creation in Bose-Einstein condensates
(submitted to Phys. Rev. A)

ITP-UH-43/00 [ abstract ]

J.P. Martikainen, K.A. Suominen, A. Sanpera:
Vortex dynamics in Bose-Einstein condensates
(submitted to Phys. Rev. Lett.)

ITP-UH-42/00 [ abstract ]

Olaf Lechtenfeld, Alexander D. Popov, Bernd Spendig:
Open N=2 strings in a B-field background and noncommutative self-dual Yang-Mills
(Phys. Lett. B 507 (2001) 317-326)

ITP-UH-41/00 [ abstract ]

D. Bruß, J. Calsamiglia, N. Lütkenhaus:
Quantum cloning and distributed measurements
(submitted to Phys. Rev. A)

ITP-UH-40/00 [ abstract ]

D. Bruß, G. M. D'Ariano, C. Macchiavello, M. F. Sacchi:
Approximate quantum cloning and the impossibility of superluminal information transfer
(Phys. Rev. A 62 (2000) 62302)

ITP-UH-39/00 [ abstract ]

Holger Frahm, Martin Stahlsmeier:
Electronic ladders with SO(5) symmetry: Phase diagrams and correlations at half filling
(Phys. Rev. B63 (2001) 125109)

ITP-UH-38/00 [ abstract ]

Evgeny Ivanov, Sergey Krivonos, Olaf Lechtenfeld, Boris Zupnik:
Partial spontaneous breaking of two-dimensional supersymmetry
(Nucl. Phys. B 600 (2001) 235-271)

ITP-UH-37/00 [ abstract ]

Ch. Trump, D. Bruß, M. Lewenstein:
Realistic teleportation with linear optical elements
(Phys. Lett. A, in print)

ITP-UH-36/00 [ abstract ]

S. Karnas, M. Lewenstein:
Separable approximations of density matrices of composite quantum systems
(Special Issue of J. Phys. A, Ed. R. Jozsa, submitted)

ITP-UH-35/00 [ abstract ]

Z. Idziaszek, L. Santos, M. Lewenstein:
Laser cooling of trapped fermi gases deeply below the Fermi temperature
(Phys. Rev. Lett., submitted)

ITP-UH-34/00 [ abstract ]

A. Sanpera, D. Bruß, M. Lewenstein:
Schmidt number witnesses and bound entanglement
(Phys. Rev. A., submitted)

ITP-UH-33/00 [ abstract ]

P. Villain, P. Öhberg, M. Lewenstein:
Quasi-periodic versus irreversible dynamics of an optically confined Bose-Einstein condensate
(Phys. Rev. A., in print)

ITP-UH-32/00 [ abstract ]

J.I. Cirac, W. Dür, B. Kraus, M. Lewenstein:
Entangling operations and their implementation using a small amount of entnaglement
(Phys. Rev. Lett., in print)

ITP-UH-31/00 [ abstract ]

L. Santos, F. Flögel, T. Pfau, M. Lewenstein:
Continuous optical loading of a Bose-Einstein condensate
(Phys. Rev. A., in print)

ITP-UH-30/00 [ abstract ]

M. Lewenstein, D. Bruß, J.I. Cirac, B. Kraus, M. Kus, J. Samsonowicz, A. Sanpera, R. Tarrach:
Separability and distillability in composite quantum systems - a primer
(special issue of J. Mod. Opt., Eds. F. Ehlotzky and P. L. Knight, in print)

ITP-UH-29/00 [ abstract ]

P. Villain, P. Öhberg, L. Santos, A. Sanpera, M. Lewenstein:
Four wave mixing in degenerate atomic gases
(Phys. Rev. AXX, (2000) XXX)

ITP-UH-28/00 [ abstract ]

M. Lewenstein, B. Kraus, P. Horodecki, J. I. Cirac:
Characterization of separable states and entanglement witnesses
(Phys. Rev. AXX, (2000) XXX)

ITP-UH-27/00 [ abstract ]

L. Santos, Z. Idziaszek, J. I. Cirac, M. Lewenstein:
Laser induced condensation of trapped bosonic gases
(special issue of J. Phys. B33, (2000) 4143, Ed. K. Burnett)

ITP-UH-26/00 [ abstract ]

M. Lewenstein, J. I. Cirac, L. Santos:
Cooling of a small sample of Bose atoms with accidental degeneracy
(special issue of J. Phys. B33, (2000) 4107, Ed. K. Burnett)

ITP-UH-25/00 [ abstract ]

M. Lewenstein, B. Kraus, J.I. Cirac, P. Horodecki:
Optimization of entanglement witnesses
(Phys. Rev. A62, (2000) 052310)

ITP-UH-24/00 [ abstract ]

L. Santos, G. V. Shlyapnikov, P. Zoller, M. Lewenstein :
Bose-Einstein condensation of trapped dipolar gases
(Phys. Rev. Lett. 85, (2000) 1791)

ITP-UH-23/00 [ abstract ]

P. Horodecki, M. Lewenstein, G. Vidal, J.I. Cirac:
Operational criterion and constructive checks for the separability of low rank density matrices
(Phys. Rev. A62, (2000) 032310)

ITP-UH-22/00 [ abstract ]

T. Felbinger, L. Santos, M. Wilkens, M. Lewenstein :
Time correlations of a laser induced Bose-Einstein condensate
(Phys. Rev. A A62, (2000) 033603)

ITP-UH-21/00 [ abstract ]

P. Horodecki, M. Lewenstein :
Bound entanglement and continuous variables
(Phys. Rev. Lett. A85, (2000) 2657)

ITP-UH-20/00 [ abstract ]

Z. Idziaszek, K. Rzazewski, M. Lewenstein :
Probing the statistical properties of Bose-Einstein condensates with light
(Phys. Rev. A61, (2000) 053608)

ITP-UH-19/00 [ abstract ]

B. Kraus, J.I. Cirac, S. Karnas, M. Lewenstein :
Separability in 2xN composite quantum systems
(Phys. Rev. A61, (2000) 062302)

ITP-UH-18/00 [ abstract ]

S.A. Fayans, D. Zawischa:
Local energy-density functional approach to many-body nuclear systems with S-wave pairing
(Proceedings of the MBX Conference, Seattle, September 10-15; World Scientific, in press)

ITP-UH-17/00 [ abstract ]

S.A. Fayans, S.V. Tolokonnikov, D. Zawischa:
Pairing-induced localization of the particle continuum in weakly bound nuclei
(Phys. Lett. B, in press)

ITP-UH-16/00 [ abstract ]

Hermann Schulz:
The 3D Yang-Mills system
(Introductory lecture notes on the Karabali-Nair theory. 74p.)

ITP-UH-15/00 [ abstract ]

Olaf Lechtenfeld, Alexander D. Popov:
On the integrability of covariant field theory for the open N=2 string
(Phys. Lett. B 494 (2000) 148-154)

ITP-UH-14/00 [ abstract ]

Olaf Lechtenfeld, Alexander Sorin:
Hidden N=(2|2) supersymmetry of the N=(1|1) supersymmetric Toda lattice hierarchy
(J. Nonlinear Math. Phys. 8 (2001) 183-195)

ITP-UH-13/00 [ abstract ]

Gordon Chalmers, Olaf Lechtenfeld, Bernd Niemeyer:
N=2 quantum string scattering
(Nucl. Phys. B 591 (2000) 1-38)

ITP-UH-12/00 [ abstract ]

Tatiana A. Ivanova, Olaf Lechtenfeld:
Hidden symmetries of the open N=2 string
(Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 16 (2001) 303-329)

ITP-UH-11/00 [ abstract ]

Friedemann Brandt, Alexander Kling, Maximilian Kreuzer:
Actions and symmetries of NSR superstrings and D-strings
(Phys. Lett. B 494 (2000) 155-160)

ITP-UH-10/00 [ abstract ]

Evgeny Ivanov, Sergey Krivonos, Olaf Lechtenfeld:
Double-vector multiplet and partially broken N=4, d=3 supersymmetry
(Phys. Lett. B 487 (2000) 192-200)

ITP-UH-09/00 [ abstract ]

Sergei V. Ketov:
N=1 and N=2 supersymmetric nonabelian Born-Infeld actions from superspace
(Phys. Lett. B 491 (2000) 207-213)

ITP-UH-08/00 [ abstract ]

Sergei V. Ketov:
N=2 supersymmetric Born-Infeld theory revisited
(Class. Quant. Grav. 17 (2000) L91)

ITP-UH-07/00 [ abstract ]

Friedemann Brandt:
New N=2 supersymmetric gauge theories: the double tensor multiplet and its interactions
(Nucl. Phys. B 587 (2000) 543-567)

ITP-UH-06/00 [ abstract ]

Ulrich Theis:
New N=2 supersymmetric vector-tensor interaction
(Phys. Lett. B 486 (2000) 443-447)

ITP-UH-05/00 [ abstract ]

Sergei V. Ketov:
Holographic duality, supersymmetry, and Painleve equation

ITP-UH-04/00 [ abstract ]

Sergei V. Ketov:
Anomalous N=2 superconformal Ward identities
(Nucl. Phys. B 582 (2000) 119-138)

ITP-UH-03/00 [ abstract ]

Glenn Barnich, Friedemann Brandt, Marc Henneaux:
Local BRST cohomology in gauge theories
(Phys. Rept. 338 (2000) 439-569)

ITP-UH-02/00 [ abstract ]

Thomas Boettner, Sergei V. Ketov, Thomas Lau:
Manifestly N=3 supersymmetric Euler-Heisenberg action in light-cone superspace
(Mod. Phys. Lett. A 15 (2000) 587-594)

ITP-UH-01/00 [ abstract ]

Sergei V. Ketov:
Superconformal hypermultiplets from superspace
(Nucl. Phys. B 582 (2000) 95-118)