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S. Kamerdzhiev, E. Litvinova and D. Zawischa:
Role of Quasiparticle-Photon Interaction in Non-Magic Nuclei functional approach


S. A. Fayans, E. Krömer, S. V. Tolokonnikov, E. L. Trykov and D. Zawischa:
Nuclear isotope shifts within the local energy-density functional approach

ITP-UH-37/99 [ abstract ]

Olaf Lechtenfeld:
Mathematics and physics of N=2 strings
(Talk presented at SQS-99, 27-31 July, 1999, at JINR, Dubna, Russia)

ITP-UH-36/99 [ abstract ]

Z. Idziaszek, K. Rzazewski and Maciej Lewenstein:
Probing the statistical properties of Bose-Einstein condensates with light

ITP-UH-35/99 [ abstract ]

K. Bongs, S. Burger, G. Birkl, K. Sengstock, W. Ertmer,
K. Rzazewski, Anna Sanpera and Maciej Lewenstein :
Coherent evolution of bouncing Bose-Einstein condensates

ITP-UH-34/99 [ abstract ]

L. Dobrek, M. Gajda, Maciej Lewenstein,
K. Sengstock, G. Birkl and W. Ertmer:
Optical generation of vortices in trapped Bose-Einstein condensates

ITP-UH-33/99 [ abstract ]

Kazimierz Rzazewsk and and Maciej Lewenstein :
Quantum anti-Zeno effect

ITP-UH-32/99 [ abstract ]

B. Kraus, J.I.Cirac, Sinisa Karnas and Maciej Lewenstein :
Separability in 2xN composite quantum systems

ITP-UH-31/99 [ abstract ]

S. Burger, K. Bongs, S. Dettmer, W. Ertmer, K. Sengstock,
A. Sanpera, G. V. Shlyapnikov and Maciej Lewenstein :
Dark Solitons in Bose-Einstein condensates

ITP-UH-30/99 [ abstract ]

T. Wong, Ozgur Mustecaplioglu, L. You and Maciej Lewenstein :
Scattering of short laser pulses from trapped fermions

ITP-UH-29/99 [ abstract ]

Luis Santos and Maciej Lewenstein :
Collisional effects on the collective laser cooling of trapped bosonic gases

ITP-UH-28/99 [ abstract ]

Maciej Lewenstein, J.I.Cirac and Sinisa Karnas :
Separability and entanglement in 2xN composite quantum systems

ITP-UH-27/99 [ abstract ]

Dagmar Bruß and Asher Peres:
Construction of quantum states with bound entanglement

ITP-UH-26/99 [ abstract ]

W. Dür, J.I.Cirac, Maciej Lewenstein and Dagmar Bruß:
Distillability and partial transposition in bipartite systems

ITP-UH-25/99 [ abstract ]

Dagmar Bruß, M. Cinchetti, M. D'Ariano and C. Macchiavello:
Phase covariant quantum cloning

ITP-UH-24/99 [ abstract ]

Luis Santos and Dagmar Bruß
Reversible quantum teleportation in an optical lattice

ITP-UH-23/99 [ abstract ]

Olaf Lechtenfeld and Alexander D. Popov:
Closed N=2 strings: picture-changing, hidden symmetries and SDG hierarchy
(Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 15 (2000) 4191-4237)

ITP-UH-22/99 [ abstract ]

Olaf Lechtenfeld and Alexander Sorin:
Real forms of the complex twisted N=2 supersymmetric Toda chain hierarchy in real N=1 and twisted N=2 superspaces
(J. Nonlinear Math. Phys. 7 (2000) 433-444)

ITP-UH-21/99 [ abstract ]

Holger Frahm and Nikita A. Slavnov:
Magnetic properties of doped Heisenberg chains
(Nucl. Phys. B 575 [FS] (2000) 485-503)

ITP-UH-20/99 [ abstract ]

Klaus Jünemann and Olaf Lechtenfeld:
Ward identities and the vanishing theorem for loop amplitudes of the closed N=2 string
(Phys. Lett. B 474 (2000) 58-66)

ITP-UH-19/99 [ abstract ]

Friedemann Brandt, Joan Simón and Ulrich Theis:
Exotic gauge theories from tensor calculus
(Class. Quantum Grav. 17 (2000) 1627-1636)

ITP-UH-18/99 [ abstract ]

Holger Frahm and Anjan Kundu:
Phase diagram of an exactly solvable t-J ladder model
(J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 11 (1999) L557-L562)

ITP-UH-17/99 [ abstract ]

Stefano Bellucci and Anton Galajinsky:
Consistent BRST for infinitely reducible first class constraints
(Phys. Rev. D 62 (2000) 027501)

ITP-UH-16/99 [ abstract ]

Sergei V. Ketov:
Exact low-energy effective actions for hypermultiplets in four dimensions

ITP-UH-15/99 [ abstract ]

J. Reinbach and H. Schulz:
Magnetic screening in the hot gluon system
(Phys. Lett. B 467 (1999) 247-254)

ITP-UH-14/99 [ abstract ]

Olaf Lechtenfeld and Alexander Sorin:
Supersymmetric KP hierarchy in N=1 superspace and its N=2 reductions
(Nucl. Phys. B 566 [PM] (2000) 489-510)

ITP-UH-13/99 [ abstract ]

Holger Frahm and Constantin Sobiella:
Doping induced magnetization plateaus
(Phys. Rev. Lett. 83 (1999) 5579-5582)

ITP-UH-12/99 [ abstract ]

Dagmar Bruß, Lara Faoro, Chiara Macchiavello and Massimo Palma:
Quantum entanglement and classical communication through a depolarising channel

ITP-UH-11/99 [ abstract ]

Dagmar Bruß:
Entanglement splitting of pure bipartite quantum states

ITP-UH-10/99 [ abstract ]

Sergei V. Ketov:
Exact hypermultiplet dynamics in four dimensions
(Phys. Lett. B 469 (1999) 136-144)

ITP-UH-09/99 [ abstract ]

Holger Frahm:
Doped Heisenberg chains: Spin-S generalizations of the supersymmetric t-J model
(Nucl. Phys. B 559 [FS] (1999) 613-636)

ITP-UH-08/99 [ abstract ]

Gerald Bedürftig and Holger Frahm:
Tunneling singularities in the open Hubbard chain
(Physica E4 (1999) 246-255)

ITP-UH-07/99 [ abstract ]

Anton Galajinsky and Olaf Lechtenfeld:
Towards a stringy extension of self-dual super Yang-Mills
(Phys. Lett. B 460 (1999) 288-294)

ITP-UH-06/99 [ abstract ]

Fabian H. L. Eßler and Holger Frahm:
Density correlations in the half-filled Hubbard model
(Phys. Rev. B60 (1999) 8540-8542)

ITP-UH-05/99 [ abstract ]

Gerald Bedürftig and Holger Frahm:
Open t-J chain with boundary impurities
(J. Phys. A 32 (1999) 4585-4591)

ITP-UH-04/99 [ abstract ]

H. Schulz:
2+1 D Yang-Mills
Introductory lecture notes (in german) on the Karabali-Nair theory


Kyrill A. Bugaev, Mark I. Gorenstein and Ulrich Heinz:
Self-consistent relativistic hydrodynamics

ITP-UH-02/99 [ ps file ]

Klaus Jünemann:
Symmetrien des N=2 Strings
(PhD thesis)

ITP-UH-01/99 [ abstract ]

Friedemann Brandt and Ulrich Theis:
Supersymmetrization of generalized Freedman-Townsend models
(Fortsch. Phys. 48 (2000) 41-44, Proc. 32nd Int. Symp. Ahrenshoop Buckow, Germany, Sep 1-5, 1998)