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ITP-UH-36/97 [ pdf ]

H. Schulz:
Von Pauli-Villars bis Callan-Symanzik
(Vorlesungsnotizen, 46 S, deutsch)

ITP-UH-35/97 [ abstract ]

S. Karnas and S.V. Ketov:
An action of N=8 self-dual supergravity in ultra-hyperbolic harmonic superspace
(Nucl. Phys. B 526 (1998) 597)

ITP-UH-34/97 [ abstract ]

S. V. Ketov:
The hypermultiplet low-energy effective action, N=2 supersymmetry breaking and confinement
(Talk given at the 31st International Ahrenshoop Symposium on the Theory of Elementrary Particles in Buckow, Germany, 2-6 September 1997, and the String Workshop in Wittenberg, Germany, 14-15 November, 1997)

ITP-UH-33/97 [ abstract ]

Klaus Jünemann and Olaf Lechtenfeld:
Chiral BRST cohomology of the N=2 string at arbitrary ghost and picture number
(Comm. Math. Phys. 203 (1999) 53)


Holger Frahm:
Lösbare Modelle und konforme Invarianz: Kritische Eigenschaften korrelierter Elektronen in einer Dimension
(Jahrbuch der Akademie der Wissenschaften in Göttingen (1997) 52-63)

ITP-UH-31/97 [ abstract ]

Chandrashekar Devchand and Olaf Lechtenfeld:
Extended self-dual Yang-Mills from the N=2 string
(Nucl. Phys. B 516 (1988) 255)


S.V. Ketov:
Zur Theorie des Confinement
(auf Deutsch, Vortrag im Physikalischen Kolloquium an der Uni-Hannover, am 26.11.1997)

ITP-UH-29/97 [ abstract ]

Norbert Dragon and Ulrich Theis:
Gauging the central charge

ITP-UH-28/97 [ abstract ]

S.V. Ketov and C. Unkmeir:
Induced scalar potentials for hypermultiplets
(Phys. Lett. B 422 (1998) 179)

ITP-UH-27/97 [ abstract ]

S.V. Ketov:
Do the critical (2,2) strings know about a supergravity in 2+10 dimensions ?
(Talk given at the XII International Congress of Mathematical Physics, 13--19 July, 1997, in Brisbane, Australia, and the 2nd International Conference on Quantum Field Theory and Gravity, July 29 - August 2, 1997, in Tomsk, Russia)

ITP-UH-26/97 [ abstract ]

S.V. Ketov:
On the exact solutions to quantum N=2 gauge theories: a guide to instantons, superspace and M theory

ITP-UH-25/97 [ abstract ]

I. L. Buchbinder, S.M. Kuzenko and B. A. Ovrut:
On the D=4, N=2 non-renormalization theorem
(Phys. Lett. B 433 (1998) 335)

ITP-UH-24/97 [ abstract ]

Norbert Dragon and Sergei M. Kuzenko:
Self-interacting vector-tensor multiplet
(Phys. Lett. B 420 (1998) 64)

ITP-UH-23/97 [ abstract ]

Friedemann Brandt and Norbert Dragon:
Nonpolynomial gauge invariant interactions of 1-form and 2-form gauge potentials
(Talk given at the 31st International Symposium Ahrenshoop on the Theory of Elementary Particles, Buckow (Germany), September 2 - 6, 1997)

ITP-UH-22/97 [ PDF ]

Holger Frahm and Markus P. Pfannmüller:
Generalizations of the supersymmetric t-J model
Talk given at the 2nd International Workshop POMI-Florence on `Quantum Groups and Integrable Systems', St. Petersburg, May 1997
(Zap. Nauch. Semin. POMI 251 (1998) 94-104)

ITP-UH-21/97 [ abstract ]

Norbert Dragon, Holger Günther and Ulrich Theis:
Supergravity with a noninvertible vierbein

ITP-UH-20/97 [ abstract ]

Norbert Dragon, Sergei M. Kuzenko and Ulrich Theis:
The vector-tensor multiplet in harmonic superspace
(Eur. Phys. J. C 4 (1998) 717)


Holger Frahm and Andrei A. Zvyagin:
The open spin chain with impurity: an exact solution
(J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 9 (1997) 9939-9946)

ITP-UH-18/97 [ abstract ]

S.V. Ketov:
On the next-to-leading-order correction to the effective action in N=2 gauge theories
(Phys. Rev. D 57 (1998) 1277)

ITP-UH-17/97 [ pdf-file ]

Peter Kostädt and Mario Liu:
Three ignored densities, frame-independent thermodynamics and broken Galilean symmetry
(Phys. Rev. E 58 (1998) 5535)


Markus P. Pfannmüller and Holger Frahm:
A new algebraic Bethe ansatz for gl(2,1) invariant vertex models
(J. Phys. A 30 (1997) L543-L548)

ITP-UH-15/97 [ abstract ]

Norbert Dragon and Sergei M. Kuzenko:
The Higgs mechanism in N=2 superspace
(Nucl. Phys. B 508 (1997) 229)

ITP-UH-14/97 [ ps file ]

Peter Adamietz:
Kollektive Feldtheorie und Momentenmethode in Matrixmodellen
(PhD Thesis)

ITP-UH-13/97 [ abstract ]

S.M. Kuzenko:
The off-shell massive hypermultiplets revisited
(Class. Quantum Grav. 14 (1997) L157)

ITP-UH-12/97 [ abstract ]

I. L. Buchbinder, E. I. Buchbinder, S.M. Kuzenko and B. A. Ovrut:
The background field method for N = 2 super Yang-Mills theories in harmonic superspace
(Phys. Lett. B 417 (1998) 61)

ITP-UH-11/97 [ abstract ]

Olaf Lechtenfeld and Warren Siegel:
N=2 worldsheet instantons yield cubic self-dual Yang-Mills
(Phys. Lett. B 405 (1997) 49)

ITP-UH-10/97 [ abstract ]

E.A. Ivanov, S.V. Ketov and B.M. Zupnik:
Induced hypermultiplet self-interactions in N=2 gauge theories
(Nucl.Phys. B 509 (1998) 53)

ITP-UH-09/97 [ abstract ]

I.L. Buchbinder, E.I. Buchbinder, E.A. Ivanov, S.M. Kuzenko and B.A. Ovrut:
Effective action of the N=2 Maxwell multiplet in harmonic superspace
(Phys. Lett. B 412 (1997) 309)

ITP-UH-08/97 [ abstract ]

Jens Reinbach and Hermann Schulz:
Resummation of \( \phi^4 \) free energy up to an arbitrary order
(Phys. Lett. B 404 (1997) 291)


Mario Liu:
On vanishing of second-order Onsager coefficients

ITP-UH-06/97 [ abstract ]

Fabian H.L. Eßler and Holger Frahm:
X-ray edge singularity in integrable lattice models of correlated electrons
(Phys. Rev. B 56 (1997) 6631-6641)

ITP-UH-05/97 [ abstract ]

Gerald Bedürftig and Holger Frahm:
Spectrum of boundary states in the open Hubbard chain
(J. Phys. A 30 (1997) 4139-4149)

ITP-UH-04/97 [ abstract ]

Norbert Dragon, Tobias Hurth and Peter van Nieuwenhiuzen:
Polynomial Form of the Stueckelberg model
(Talk at 30th Int. Ahrenshoop International Symposium on Elem. Particle Theory, Buckow, Germany, 1996
Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.) 56 B (1997) 318-321)

ITP-UH-03/97 [ abstract ]

S.V. Ketov:
The effective hyper-Kähler potential in the N=2 supersymmetric QCD
(Phys. Lett. B 399 (1997) 83)

ITP-UH-02/97 [ abstract ]

Holger Frahm and Claus Rödenbeck:
Properties of the chiral spin liquid state in generalized spin ladders
(J. Phys. A 30 (1997) 4467-4479)

ITP-UH-01/97 [ abstract ]

Holger Frahm and John Schliemann:
Variational states for the spin-Peierls system
(Phys. Rev. B56 (1997) 5359-5365)