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Master thesis projects

The Master thesis projects in my research group deal with current problems in Computational Physics and Condensed Matter Theory. They are parts of larger research projects such as

as well as Semiclassical electron-phonon models out of equilibrium in both Research Units.

A knowledge of Advanced Quantum Theory and basic Computational Physics as well as.a practical experience in the programming languages C, C++ or Python are the main requirements.

Previous diploma and Master theses

  • Daniel Alrutz, Scattering and transport in semiclassical Holstein wires, 2018
  • Christian Bick, Quantentransport und Polaron-Bildung in einer Heterostruktur mit Elektron-Phonon-Kopplung, 2018
  • Sebastian Greschner, Dauerströme in eindimensionalen offenen Gittern, 2011
  • Benjamin Geisler, Analyse verschiedener Algorithmen zur Simulation der Zeitentwicklung von Quanten-Vielteilchensystemen, 2008
  • Malcolm Einhellinger, Reduced density matrix spectra for electronic systems out of equilibrium, 2007