Emmy Noether Group

Probing the primordial universe with gravitational waves

Welcome to the homepage of the Emmy Noether Group on "probing the primordial universe with gravitational waves"!

We are investigating new physics in the early universe that could generate gravitational waves and, perhaps, primordial black holes (= black holes formed in the very early universe). The main focus of the group is to study how the predictions for gravitational waves and primordial black holes depend on the composition and physical laws (e.g. theory of gravity) dictating the evolution of the early universe. And, how we can use future GW detectors to test these models.

We have nice drawings and movies about our research lines. We invite you to check the links below to discover more details about our research.


Research topics

  • Gravitational waves from the primordial universe

    we investigate gravitational waves induced by primordial fluctuations as well as the initial conditions for the anisotropies of the cosmic gravitational wave background.

    More info soon.

    Illustration of the early universe physics. Click to enlarge.
  • Early cosmology of Yukawa interactions

    At the high energies in the early universe massive fields become effectively massless and Yukawa interactions become long-range. We are exploring how bound structures can form even during radiation domination.

    More info soon.

  • Superhorizon modes and the cosmic dipole

    We are exploring how to test superhorizon modes by the cosmic dipoles.

    More info soon.