Dissertationen und Abschlussarbeiten

Degree Topic Status
B.Sc. On the integrability of geodesic motion in stationary axially symmetric spacetimes finished January 2024 by Jonas Boucsein  (U. Hannover / U. Freiburg)
M.Sc. Formation of Apparent Horizons in a Binary Black Hole Mergers with Spin Angular Momentum Alexis Nitsche Donoso  (U. Hannover and AEI Hannover)
B.Sc. The maximal analytic extension of Reissner-Nordström Spacetime finished August 2023 by Béla Klank   (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Cosmological Evidence for Dark Matter (in german) finished July 2023 by Avital Sievers   (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Maximal Analytic Extension of Schwarzschild Spacetime finished May 2023 by Hendrik Weber   (U. Hannover)
M.Sc. Kerr-Schild Tetrads in 1-parameter New General Relativity finished January 2023 by Vladimir Kharchev  (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. The law of velocity-addition in the context of four-dimensional Minkowski space finished January 2023 by Lea Zybur  (U. Hannover)
M.Sc. Geometric Post-Newtonian Description of Spin-Half Particles in Curved Spacetime finished April 2022 by Ashkan Alibabaei (U. Hannover)
Ph.D. Gravitational Closure of Matter Field Equations finsished March 2022 by Florian Wolz  (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Gravitational Lensing - A Didactical Presentation  in Secondary School (interdisciplinary Bachelor's thesis) finished February 2022 by Jochen Wichmann (U. Hannover)
M.Sc. Asymptotic Symmetries of SU(2) Yang-Mills-Higgs Theory finished February 2022 by Lennart Janshen (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Geodesic Congruences on de Sitter space and their Cosmological Significance finished December 2021 by Arian von Blanckenburg (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. On the Construction of Analytic Collision Data of Black Holes

finished November 2021 by Tobias Pahlke  (U. Hannover)

B.Sc. On the Lattice of Possible Automorphism Groups of Spacetime finished October 2021 by Paul Johann Christiansen (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. "Very Special Relativity" as possible scheme for breaking Lorentz symmetry finished September 2021 by Johannes Schirbort (U. Hannover)

Hamiltonian study of the asymptotic symmetries of gauge theories

finished August 2021 by Roberto Tanzi       (U. Bremen)

Ph.D. The Hawking Energy in Cosmology finished June 2021 by Dennis Stock
B.Sc. Why is the sky dark at night? The Olbers Paradox and its refutation   (interdisciplinary Bachelor's thesis) inished April 2021 by Hanifa Abdul Hassan (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Weak Equivalence Principle and Free-Fall Experiments in Quantum Mechanics. finished August 2020 by Hauke Köhn (U. Hannover)
Ph.D. Post-Newtonian description of quantum systems in gravitational fields. finished July 2020 by Philip Schwartz (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. The Chameleon Mechanism and its role in circumventing constraints in extended theories of Gravity finished July 2020 by Fridtjof Kerker (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Spacetimes with changing signature: The Israel-Darmois jump-condition applied to the case of the No-Boundary-Proposal. finished May 2020 by Robin Valtin (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Investigations into interior solutions for the Kerr geometry. finished March 2020 by Oskar Schiller (U. Hannover)
M.Sc. Global Structure of space-times with non-vanishing NUT charge. finished February 2020 by Schiden Yohannes (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Analysis of mass-reconstruction of the Bullet-Cluster by strong gravitational lensing and its significance as evidence for Dark Matter. finished December 2019 by Jannis Klamt (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Interpretation of ideal-fluid star-models with NUT charge finished June 2019 by Wajahat Rana (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Fermionic stars as possible candidates for compact objects at galaxy centres finished June 2019 by Dennis Berndt (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Geometric-topological properties of Kerr spacetime in the zero-mass limit finished May 2019 by Henning Korbmacher (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Testing the EEP [Einstein Equivalence Principle] with Quantum Clocks finished June 2018 by Thomas Arne Hensel (U. Hannover)
M.Sc. Wald-Entropy and the Second-Law of Black-Hole Thermodynamics in f(R)-Theories of Gravity finished May 2018 by Daniel Holzwart (U. Hannover)
M.Sc. Numerical Construction of Corvino-Type Gluing for Brill-Lindquist Initial Data finished April 2018 by Daniel Pook-Kolb (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Mass determination of compact binaries through gravitational-wave analysis finished April 2018 by Marlin Benedikt Schäfer (U. Hannover)
M.Sc. Applications of Twistor Theory in General Relativity finished March 2018 by Yannic Borchard (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Principel-Bundle formulation of General Relativity finished March 2018 by Max Stanley Schult (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Hamiltonian Structure of Diffeomorphism-Invariant Field Theories finished February 2018 by Lennart Janshen (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Geometrical and Topological Properties of the Lensing Map for Gravitational Lenses finished February 2018 by Oscar Gawlik (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. The Role of Surface Integrals in Gauge Theories with Long-Ranging Fields finished December 2017 by Thomas Kurbach (U. Hannover)
Ph.D. Multi-Black-Hole Configurations as Models for Inhomogeneous Cosmologies finished March 2017 by Michael Fennen (Research Training Group "Models of Gravity" U. Bremen)
Ph.D. Deformation and Contraction of Symmetries in Special Relativity finished March 2017 by Lukas Konstantin Brunkhorst (Research Training Group "Models of Gravity" U. Bremen)
B.Sc. Multipole structure of the Kerr metric finished February 2017 by Schiden Yohannes (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. The Kerr-Geometry and its block-form according to O'Neill with physical applications finished November 2016 by Timo Hoppe (U. Hannover)
M.Sc. Interpretation and ambiguities of Bowen-York-type black-hole initial data finished July 2016 by Julian Westerweck (U. Hannover)
M.Sc. Tidal deformations of black holes in non-axially-symmetric configurations finished July 2016 by Christoph Dreißigacker (U. Hannover). Supervised in collaboration with Badri Krishnan
M.Sc. Alternate-Polarity perturbations to the Blanford-Znajek process finished in May 2016 by Jens Florian Mahlmann (U. Hannover/U. València). Supervised in collaboration with Miguel Ángel Aloy Torás (València)
M.Sc. On the relation between 3D euclidean gravity and Chern-Simons theory finished in January 2016 by Thomas Brockt (U. Hannover). Supervised in collaboration with Tobias Osborne
B.Sc. Application of the Lorentz-Boost-Link-Problem to velocity addition in Special Relativity finished in February 2016 by Pablo Tieben (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. 4D black-hole entropy through 3D euclidean anti-DeSitter gravity finished October 2015 by Jonas Haferkamp (U. Hannover)
M.Sc. The lattice-structure of chronologically closed subsets in Minkowski space in view of Randall & Foulis' "operational logic" finished September 2015 by Tobias Schönwitz (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Modifications of time-symmetric initial data for two black holes according to Corvino finished September 2015 by Yannic Borchard (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Ambiguities for Bowen-York type initial data finished July 2015 by Timo Ziegler (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. The Geometry of Carroll Structures finished June 2015 by Fabian Hartmann (U. Hannover)
Diploma The charged point-mass in the FLRW universe finished April 2015 by Patrick Stahl (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Applications of the Hopf Fibration in Physics finished December 2014 by Johannes Berger (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Einstein's field equations and apparent horizons in initial-data problems of General Relativity finished Oktober 2014 by Florian Fitzek (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Kaluza-Klein geometry of stationary spacetimes finished September 2014 by Philip Schwartz (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. The Blanford-Znajek process finished August 2014 by Alexander Herbst (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Definitions and comparison of quasi-local mass in General Relativity finished June 2014 by Jens Florian Mahlmann (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Time symmetric initial data and binding energies in General Relativity finished July 2014 by Antonio Cuvalo (U. Hannover)
M.Sc. Tidal deformation of spinning black holes finished June 2014 by Miriam Cabero Müller (U. Hannover). Supervised in collaboration with Badri Krishnan
B.Sc. Mathematical aspects of velocity addition in Special Relativity finished March 2014 by Jakob Schwer (U. Hannover)
Ph.D. Stability of type D spacetimes begun May 2010 - finished April 2014 by Steffen Aksteiner (U. Hannover and ZARM Bremen)
Ph.D. The Schrödinger-Newton equation as model for self-gravitating quantum systems begun October 2010 - finished November 2013 by André Großardt (U. Hannover and ZARM Bremen)
B.Sc. Quasi local expressions for mass/energy in General Relativity finished November 2013 by Thomas Brockt (U. Hannover)
M.Sc. Black holes in cosmological spacetimes as exact solutions of Einstein's equations finished November 2013 by Michael Fennen (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Time reversal in classical mechanics and field theory finished September 2013 by Tobias Schönwitz (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Upper bounds on electromagnetic field strength in the exterior regions of black holes finished September 2013 by Daniel Borcherding (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Estimates on the influence of the Solar corona on light propagation in view of proposed Shapiro time-delay experiments finished April 2013 by Lars Nieder (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Emission of gravitational waves by deformed neutron stars finished March 2013 by Hannes Dupuis (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Rigid motion in Special Relativity finished November 2012 by Mykhaylo Panchenko (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Mass and angular momentum determination of the Galactic Black Hole finished August 2012 by Andreas Gläfke (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. On a new scheme for breaking Lorentz-Symmetry according to Cohen & Glashow finished December 2011 by Nikolas Nüsken (U. Hannover)
Diploma Theoretical bases of atom interferometric tests of the equivalence principle finished December 2011 by Laura Schmidt (U. Bonn/Hannover)
Diploma Thomas-Precession in Very Special Relativity finished November 2011 by Roland Lutz (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Energy-Momentum in General Relativity finished September 2011 by Michael Fennen (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. Galactic Black Holes finished April 2011 by Sarah Paczkowski (U. Hannover)
B.Sc. The gravitational field as optically active medium, with applications to cosmology finished October 2010 by David Klein (U. Hannover)
Ph.D. Geometric methods for kinematics and dynamics in relativistic theories of gravity with applications to cosmology and space physics finished October 2010 by Matteo Carrera (U. Freiburg)