Homepage summer semester 2020 Gravity-Group Seminar


In this seminar we discuss on a weekly basis recent results from within the ITP-Gravity-Group (Bachelor-, Master-, and Ph.D.-students), as well as any related restults from the literature that is relevant to our research. We mainly focus on topics in theoretical and mathematical Relativity (Special and General), field theory, gravitatational physics, and the interface between Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity.

Time and Place

Thursdays 16:15-17:45 anywhere

Upcoming talks

  1. April 30: "Spacetimes with changing signature".
    (Robin Valtin)
  2. May 7: "Global Structure of space-times with non-vanishing NUT charge".
    (Schiden Yohannes)
  3. May 14: "The classical analogue of the Newton-Wigner theorem". See section 4 of the arXiv paper.
    (Philip Schwartz)


Prof. Dr. Domenico Giulini