Quantum Optics

The focus of the Hammerer group is the implementation of concepts of quantum computing, quantum communication and quantum simulation with atoms, molecules, optical and solid-state systems.

The Lein group is concerned with time-dependent phenomena in atoms and molecules under the influence of short intense laser pulses. Of particular interest is the generation of high-frequency coherent radiation.

The Santos group on the theory of ultra-cold gases, an active field at the interface between atomic and molecular physics, quantum optics, statistical physics and condensed matter physics.

The Weimer group investigates the dynamics of open quantum systems, working at the interface between quantum optics, condensed matter physics, and quantum information. The focus of the group lies both on fundamental questions such as the properties of phase transition in open systems and their applications in quantum technologies. The group develops and employs advanced numerical methods based on a variational principle, tensor network methods, and Monte-Carlo simulations.