Research Group Hendrik Weimer

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Weimer has moved to the TU Berlin since October 2022.

The biggest challenge towards the realization of next-generation quantum technologies is the controlled production of quantum states of many particles with well-defined properties. However, the theoretical analysis of such quantum states is extremely challenging, as nonclassical collective effects play a dominant role, which can only be understood when treating the many-particle quantum system as a whole. In our group, we investigate how controlled noise from the environment can steer a quantum system into a highly nonclassical state, which then can be used within novel technological applications such as quantum simulation, quantum computing, or quantum metrology.

Fields of Research

  • Dissipative quantum many-body dynamics
  • Quantum simulation
  • Topological order
  • Quantum state engineering
  • Strongly interacting Rydberg atoms
  • Ultracold polar molecules
  • Nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond