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Book three: A Theoretical Physics Primer

A Theoretical Physics Primer

H. Schulz

    A Theoretical Physics Primer
    Analytical Tools

September 2015, Verlag Europa-Lehrmittel
335 pages, 79 exercises, two written tests with solutions
ISBN 978-3-8085-5623-8,  EURO 25.--

  • Contents   [pdf]
  • Preface   [pdf]
  • Back cover   [pdf]    
  • The three quotations at the end of chapter 16   [pdf]
  • the complete chapter 16   [pdf]    
  • Eight notes to physics newbies [pdf]

Errors  ?   This time even the English may cause hair-raising.
So, the 'horribly' on the back cover (third line) is an Adverb and
must be replaced by the Adjective 'horrible', see [].