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BMBF, 01.2022


BMWI, 01.2022


BMBF, 12.2021

QVLS Quantum Valley Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony, Volkswagenstiftung,12.2020

SFB DQ-mat

DFG, 07.2016

Exzellenzcluster Quantum Frontiers

DFG, 01.2019

Closed projects


BMBF, 08.2018

Graduiertenkolleg 1991

Quantum mechanical noise in complex systems
DFG (06. 2014)

DQSIM 2D Discrete Quantum Simulator
ERC Advanced Grant (4. 2013): Dieter Meschede and Reinhard Werner

QFTCMPS Quantum field theory, the variational principle, and continuous matrix product states
ERC Starting Grant (8. 2011): Tobias Osborne

SIQS Simulators and Interfaces with Quantum Systems
EU 7th Framework Programme (05. 2013) Quanten-Repeater-Plattform mit Methoden der Quantenoptik -
BMBF ( 05. 2014)

QUEST Centre for Quantum Engineering and Space-Time Research
BMBF Exzellenzcluster (10. 2007)

Graduiertenkolleg 1463 Analysis, Geometry and String Theory

Verifizierung einer Quantenschlüsselverteilung endlicher Länge und kontinuierlicher Variablen gegenüber beliebigen Lauschangriffen
DFG (01. 2014)

CORNER Correlated Noise Errors
EU 7th Framework Programme (08. 2008)

QICS Foundational Structures in Quantum Information and Computation
EU 6th Framework Programme (01. 2007)

SCALA Scalable quantum computing with Lights and Atoms
EU 6th Framework Programme (2005)

QuOReP Quanten-Repeater-Plattform mit Methoden der Quantenoptik
BMBF (11. 2010)

EPHQUAM Efficient, compact and controllable Single Photon Sources for Quantum Communication and Metrology
BMBF (01. 2009)

EQUACCS Extremal quantum correlations and cryptographic security
DFG (11. 2011)

Security analysis of quantum cryptographic schemes in the present of side channels
DFG (07. 2008)

DFG Forschergruppe 635: Quantum Control and Simulation with Distributed Neutral Atoms

IGSM Braunschweig International Graduate School of Metrology