Quantenoptik / Quantum Optics (WS 07/08)

After talking with you we have decided to move the exercises to the first monday after the Xmas break (07.01.08)

This class will be given in English

Start :12.10.2007

Zimmer/Room : Appelstr. 2, Zi. 268

Zeit/Time : Montags (Mondays) 14:00-15:00 und Freitags (Fridays) 10:00-12:00

Sprechstunde : Mi. 15:00-17:00 Uhr

Übungen/Exercises Appelstr. 2, Zi. 268. Montags (Mondays) 15:00-16:00. Übungsleiter: Arturo Argüelles

Übungsblätter/Exercise sheets
Sheet 1 (to be discussed on 22.10.07)
Sheet 2 (to be discussed on 05.11.07)
Sheet 3 (to be discussed on 19.11.07)
Sheet 4 (to be discussed on 03.12.07)
Sheet 5 (to be discussed on 07.01.08)

Script I (Fock, coherent, squeezed states)
Script II (Atom-light interactions)
Script III (Coherence)
Script IV (Representations + Parametric amplifier)
Script V (Master equation I)
Script VI (Master equation II: Resonance fluorescence)
Script VII (Fokker-Planck equation)
Script VIII (Foundations of quantum mechanics)
Script IX (Ultra cold gases)

Quantization of the electromagnetic field
Representations of the electromagnetic field
Stochastic methods
Interaction of radiation with atoms
Exploring the fundamentals of quantum mechanics
Ultra cold gases

Elements of Quantum Optics, P. Meystre and M. Sargent
Quantum optics, D. Walls and G. Milburn
Laser Cooling and Trapping, H. J. Metcalf and P. van der Straten
Quantum Noise, C. Gardiner and P. Zoller
Statistical Methods in Quantum Optics, H.J. Carmichael