Foundations and Applications of Special Relativity

Problem Sheets summer 2021

Problem sheets

The information "XX CW" in brackets refers to the XXth calendar week in which the corresponding sheet will be discussed.

  • Sheet 1 (42): problems and solutions
    1. Galilean invariance of equations of motion for n gravitating point masses.
    2. Newtonian equations of motion in accelerated reference frames.
    3. The euclidean group of motions.
    4. The CMB background and the principle of relativity.
  • Sheet 2 (43): problems and solutions
    1. Boost invariance of 2-body equations and non-invariance of Lagrangian.
    2. How does a moving cube look like?
    3. Rotational symmetry of simple equations for vector fields.

Supplementary notes and reading

  1. Mathematical background
    • D. Giulini: Differentialgeometrie für Physiker (pdf)